2 Cleanse Detox Diets For Weight Loss And Improved Health

Detox diets have become an extremely popular way to improve health, lose weight, and jump start a  diet and fitness plan. The idea is that you provide your body with the nutrients it needs, while avoiding solids to allow your body to use the energy usually dedicated to digestion, and redirect it to flushing toxins out of your system. There are many variations and diet plans to choose from, following are the 4 most popular cleanse detox plans.

1) The Master Cleanse - Lemonade Detox Diet

The Master Cleanse is one of the most popular detox diets, due in part to it's simplicity, and it's effectiveness. The cleanse includes starting the day with a salt water flush, as well as making a lemonade drink sweetened with real, pure, maple syrup. The lemonade is the only source of energy, and the individual can drink as much or as little a day as they like or feel the need to. This is carried on for 2 - 6 weeks, or as long as the individuals sees fit. For more information about cleanse detox diet.

Natural maple syrup is actually very good source of protein, minerals and nutrients, and that is the reason it is used in the lemonade. The sugars provide energy and carbs, while being low in calories and easy to digest. Many people use this diet at regular intervals to maintain their health, and have attributed it to helping slow aging, preventing cancer, and overall improved quality of life. Read more about natural cleanse detox.

2) Juice Detox Diets

Juicing is quickly gaining popularity as a great, healthy, and easy detox solution. Rather than only drinking lemonade, this cleanse involves no colon cleansing or flushes, but simply requires the individuals ingest nothing but pure, fresh vegetable and fruit juices for 5 - 15 days, and in some cases longer. Many people find this detox cleanse easier to stick to due to the less restrictive diet, and more nutrients on a daily basis. Here are facts about cleanse detox.

This is a great option for a long term cleanse, and can easily be incorporated into your regular diet, with fresh juice replacing breakfast, dinner, snacks, etc. This is a great way to ensure you maintain progress and keep your body free from toxins, and working well.

Cleanse detox diets are a good way to help heal damage done to your body by years of toxic build up. These are some of the best diets that can help you be on your way to achieving your fitness goals quickly.


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