Stimulate Your Reflexes With Reflexology Massage In Manhattan NY

There are numerous types of massages available in spa clinics,and all these massages target different parts of the body. You will even find a massage that will be solely focused on your feet and hands. This massage is a perfect solution after a long day of shopping when the feet are sore from the heels. All you need to do is find a spa salon and meet the team of professionals in there and tell them about your requirements. They will take care of everything and even suggest other useful massage techniques that could heal sore muscles.

Reflexology massage targets the reflex points in the hands and feet of aperson to calm the nerves located in that area and relax the muscles around it. These people use their expertise to find and put the right amount of pressure on every single reflex point inyour hands and feet. The soft kneading of the skin with just the right amount of pressure will make you feel relaxed, and heal those tender muscles. You will find many spa salons who offer Reflexology Massage in Manhattan NY. The best part of this massage is that all these reflex points in hands and feet are related to specific organs in the body.

Even some glands are related to these reflex points, sowhen pressure is put on these particular points, a signal is sent through the nerves. This creates an energetic pathway that promotes health in the entire body. So a reflexology massage doesn’t only heal sore muscles, but also helps with the overall functioning of our body. Various techniques are used in the massage that is essential for muscles to relax and heal. Many innovative techniques like finger pressure, holds, and kneading is used by the trained crew of these salons.

It is the perfect thing to do with all your girlfriends on a lazy afternoon. It will heal your muscles and rejuvenate your soul and leave you energetic and happy. There are various other exotic massages like the hot stone massage in Manhattan NY spa clinics. This massage is mainly targeted towards the back muscle, and is the most popular form of massage in the country. Only basalt stone is used for massaging after they are heated to a certain point that is bearable by the human skin. These unique stones are used as they can absorb heat from any surface and retain it within itself.

Stones may sound scary, but the basalt tones used in this therapy are very lightweight and smooth surfaced. So you do not need to worry about a heavy stone on your back, the only thing you will feel is the warmth of the heated stone surface that will gradually spread throughout your body. The stones will be placed at specific points on your spine as all the nerves are located at the spine. The warmth of the stone will fill your nerves and slowly your entire body will start relaxing. This technique will also let the energy flow smoothly throughout the body.

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