Emotional Healing With Traditional Nuru Massage Spa In Delhi

The traditional Nuru massage is given on air mattresses so that the body can relax properly during the massage. It is not advisable to perform a Nuru massage on a massage table as it will not give you the room to relax your muscles and spread your body. In case the air mattress you chose has a fabric finish then you need to flip it so that you lay on the vinyl and not on the fabric. It is recommended as the fabric tends to absorb the Nuru gel which reduces the effectiveness of the therapy.

Once you get settled on the mattress your masseuse will start the preparation of the nuru solution with which she will massage your muscles. Another specialty of the Nuru massage spa in delhi is that a special gel is used while massaging the body of the client which is known as the Nuru gel. This gel is well known for its usage in Nuru massage therapy and is specially prepared for this purpose. It is made from the extracts of the nori seaweed that grows in deep water. But in case you are getting a traditional nuru body massage then they will use a special solution that is used in Nuru massage for centuries.

This traditional Nuru gel is an odorless and colorless gel that is made from the nori seaweed and combined with the extracts of chamomile, aloe vera and grapefruits. Another feature of this oil that is used in almost all Nuru Massage in Goa is that it is tasteless and will not stain your clothes. But the main reason it is used in the massage exclusively is because of its exceptionally slippery nature. Unlike the regular massage oils, a Nuru gel gives a pleasant and slippery feeling that is bound to relax your senses. But along with this the gel also has high moisturizing qualities which make your skin moisturized ad smooth.

The masseuse will keep a bowl next to your mattress and mix the Nuru gel with warm water until it reaches the right consistency. During the massage, your head will be uplifted with towels so that you can spread your body comfortably and relax yourself completely. In any nuru body massage in Gurgaon, the bottle of Nuru gel is warmed up so that your skin feel stimulated when the warm gel is applied to it. The setting up of the environment is an important factor during a Nuru massage so you can ask your masseuse to put candles or soft music whichever relaxes and soothes your mind.

If you book a tantric massage in delhi spa the masseuse will first wet your skin with warm water as the gel works best on wet skin. This will not only give you a pleasurable slippery feeling but also moisturize your skin deeply. Some masseuse also uses aloe vera gel during Nuru massage as it has the same properties and is also effective in making the skin more youthful and smooth. Like all tantric therapies nuru body massages also aim to relax the mind and body of the person and help in emotional healing.


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