Detailed Information About How To Choose The Suitable Fashion Earrings

One pair of beautiful fashion ring should also conform to girls¡¯ skin color, face shape and others. So, how to choose the favorite earrings? This is not hard problems. This article will tell each girl how to choose their most suitable earrings by the cooperation with various aspects such as face shape, skin colors, hair style, body figures ,etc.

The first is the face shape. The style of earrings should coordinate with the face shape. For the girls who have the big face shape they should know about the large round earrings or the triangle earrings to reduce the face broad sense. If the face is small, the appropriate choice is the medium-sized earrings and the length of it should not be more than two centimeters. Round face girls should not wear round earrings as it will make the face look too full. In fact, the suitable choice is the drooping square or triangular earrings.

Secondly, earrings and hairstyle should be coordinated with each other. For the women who have the long hair shawl, wearing the narrow earrings will look beautiful and eye-catching. For the short hair women, the delicate earrings should be the good choice. For women who have the classic bun, the crane attached earring will make them become dignified and elegant.

Third, for those diminutive women, wearing ear-style small fashion earring will make them look elegant, delicate and exquisite. However, if they wear the pendant earrings, the body figure would appear to be shorter. For the tall and slim women, wearing earrings which have big size should be the good choice.

Fourth, the fashion earning should be coordinated with the skin colors. The dark-skinned people should wear light-colored earring but it should be matched with the clothes styles. The light-skinned people should choose the dark fashion earring. Please remember that the gold color earring is suitable for all types of skin.

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