Dressinmall Tell You How To Wash Out The Juice Stains On Your Clothes

Friends, during the summer day, maybe you want to drink a bottle of cool juice water to eliminate the high temperature feeling. However, most of girls should have the same experiences that the juice water drop on their clothes and the juice stains could not be washed out easily. Today, the editor from the famous wholesale denim dresses online seller dressinmall.com will tell girls how to better wash those stains.

First, it is indeed that the new juice stains could be wiped out by the immediately sprinkle salt. After the salt abrasion, people should wet their clothes in the water with the cleaning detergent solution and then rub it to totally clean it.

If the stains are very hard, please use the 5% aqueous ammonia to eliminate the organic acids in the juice and then please use detergent water to totally wash it. For the cheap clothes which has the chemical fiber the tartaric acid could be used for cleaning;

Thirdly, if the fabric is in white color, people could add few drops of ammonia into 3% hydrogen peroxide water to wash it. However, people could only use the cotton ball which has been dipped in this solution to clean the stains.

On the other hand, people could also use 3-5% sodium hypochlorite solution to wiping stain. After this step, please use the clean water to totally wash it.

For the peach juice stains, as this kind of juice contains the elements of high iron so the oxalic acid solution is available to wash it.

If your clothes have been stick by the tomato sauce, people should first scrape it off and then use the warm detergent to wash it.

At last, we hope each consumer could carefully read this article and deal with the stain on their clothes very correctly.

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